Introducing WOWL

This BLOG is built with ArchiText, my own CMS-system. I didn't want to use WordPress, Tumblr, Drupal... or some other kind of "prefab" stuff. That doesn't mean I started from "scratch". I made use of Skeleton.css, jQuery, Google Fonts en Font Awesome... but all the rest, I did it all by myself
Are my IT-skills sufficient? You'll never know enough, but I already tried to do my best in the past. Take a look at my books on the subject or read my courses on webdesign and multimedia.

For this KUL-related project my team and myself developed WoWL. This is where this blog is all about. 

What is WoWL?

WoWL is an online platform for the creation of open interactive elearning lessons and courses. It's still in beta. 
The core elements of WOWL are Agnes.js and the CMS ArchiText, both built during the last two years. 

Take a look at the elevator pitch.

Read more about the Core elements and the Roadmap of this project.

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